5 Crafty Ways to Build Successful Brand Awareness

www.multichannelmerchant.com by Helen Cartwright

Your brand’s image changes over time given all the marketing that you have done. However, you need to be as crafty as possible because you do not want to chase your customers away. Putting your name out there too much will turn people off, and they will not want to shop with you. Here are some tips to make your company visible, fun and exciting. Click here to read full article….


Kohl’s Expands Amazon Returns to All 1,150 Stores in the Lower 48


Posted by multichannelmerchant.com  Written by- Mike O’Brien

A year and a half after first testing the program in Los Angeles and Chicago, Kohl’s will start accepting Amazon returns in July for free at its 1,150 stores in the 48 continental U.S. states, even without a box or label.

Kohl’s says that “eligible Amazon items” can be returned free of charge, no matter the reason and regardless of whether they’re boxed for shipping, based on Amazon’s return policy. It will package and send them all back to Amazon returns centers. According to Kohl’s, 80% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of one of its stores.

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How Better Inventory Visibility Makes Customers Happy and Boosts the Bottom Line

Article from multichannelmerchant.com

By Chris Anton

Rising consumer expectations for order speed and accuracy continue to compel ecommerce fulfillment centers to achieve greater order efficiency. Although smoother fulfillment powers more seamless delivery, on its own it’s not enough to satisfy consumers.

Today’s shopper wants visibility into the entire order fulfillment process – from accurate availability at purchase to tracking information during shipment. Fulfillment visibility is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-to-compete in ecommerce and improve your bottom line.

Consider these ways increased inventory visibility improves customer satisfaction and company revenue:

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Understanding the 2019 USPS Shipping Rate Changes

By Christopher Vaughn- www.parcelindustry.com

As they do every year, USPS and all the major shipping carriers have rolled out rate increases and process changes for 2019. But in the case of USPS, this year’s changes are more aggressive than in previous years due to two major factors:

  • The overall magnitude of the rate increases, which is larger than prior years
  • The scope of process changes, which include a major expansion of dimensional pricing, and a move to zone-based pricing for First-Class Package Service (FCPS).

ShippingEasy’s E-commerce Seller’s Guide to Shipping Rate Changes analyzes the annual changes using the anonymized shipping data that flows through our software. Based on this analysis, below is a review of the USPS changes, their impact on shipping costs, and how sellers can mitigate that impact.

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The Returns Dilemma

Did you know that return rates are as much as three-times higher for e-commerce purchases than for purchases bought in stores, and the overall rate of returns grows about 10% year over year?  Last year consumers returned $380 billion worth of goods, and those returns cost a retailer much more than the initial free return shipping that many retailer/etailers now offer.

Returned and excess goods are often shipped five to seven times while a retailer searches for a second home, all the while depreciating in value. The shipping costs can be astronomical, and merchants are unable to recoup value lost in the return.

Although REKO’s clients aren’t on the same scale as Saks 5th Avenue or LL Bean as referenced in this Internet Retailer article, we all share some of the same problems.  This article regarding Returns, now known as Reverse Logistics, contains some valuable insight and we think it’s worth a read.

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