A future with autonomous trucks

The self-driving-truck startup that’s been quietly moving UPS loads just pulled in $120 million in fresh funding


Driving down the highway you might see in the future semi driving autonomously. Driverless trucks will have an impact on not only safety for regular drivers but depending on the technology we could see a surge in how deliveries are made across the continental US.

Will we still have to pay as much for shipping if robots are doing all the driving?

There are many questions still left unanswered but companies like UPS seem to be looking to the future and backing development of autonomous trucks.

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FedEx to Snap Ties With Amazon for Express Delivery Service

Pubished by Zacks Equity Research

FedEx Corporation FDX recently announced its intention to not renew the contract with Amazon.com, Inc. AMZN for providing the latter with domestic express delivery services. However, on cessation of the contract come Jun 30, the company’s relationship with the e-commerce giant will be intact with regard to international services or domestic operations at other units, such as the FedEx Ground.

With the company expecting average daily volume for small parcels in the United States to double by 2026, the decision is aimed at focusing on the broader e-commerce market. Company spokeswoman Katie Wassmer stated that it’s “a strategic decision” to target numerous other retailers, such as Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

Per Wassmer, last year, FedEx generated less than 1.3% of the total revenues from its contract with Amazon. Although insignificant, the company is likely to see a margin decline in the near-term. Meanwhile, FedEx’s rival United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS accounts for a larger share of revenues from its deal with Amazon.

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USPS Reports $2.1B Net Loss; Mail Continues to Drop, Shipping Gains

Once again, the U.S. Postal Service reported a massive net loss, a decline in mail volume and revenue and an increase in shipping volume and revenue for the second quarter of 2019.

The USPS’s net loss for the quarter was $2.1 billion, up $747 million from 2018. The so-called controllable net loss was $806 million, after backing out mandated and unfunded retiree benefits and worker’s compensation expense adjustments, up from $656 million in the year-ago quarter.

First-class mail revenue at the USPS was down $217 million or 3.3%, on a volume decline of 3.9%. Marketing mail, including flyers and advertising, saw revenue decrease 3.9% and volume dip 5.2% in Q2.

The USPS reported shipping and package revenue was up $253 million or 4.9%, but volume increased just 0.3%, so its yield per item is increasing.

“The Postal Service continues to pursue aggressive management actions and to seek legislative and regulatory reforms to address our overall cost structure and enhance revenue-generating opportunities,” said Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan in a release. “Our focus remains on meeting the expectations of the American public, continuing to invest in the future of the organization, and continually delivering innovations and increased value for both the senders and receivers of mail and packages.”

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5 Crafty Ways to Build Successful Brand Awareness

www.multichannelmerchant.com by Helen Cartwright

Your brand’s image changes over time given all the marketing that you have done. However, you need to be as crafty as possible because you do not want to chase your customers away. Putting your name out there too much will turn people off, and they will not want to shop with you. Here are some tips to make your company visible, fun and exciting. Click here to read full article….


Kohl’s Expands Amazon Returns to All 1,150 Stores in the Lower 48


Posted by multichannelmerchant.com  Written by- Mike O’Brien

A year and a half after first testing the program in Los Angeles and Chicago, Kohl’s will start accepting Amazon returns in July for free at its 1,150 stores in the 48 continental U.S. states, even without a box or label.

Kohl’s says that “eligible Amazon items” can be returned free of charge, no matter the reason and regardless of whether they’re boxed for shipping, based on Amazon’s return policy. It will package and send them all back to Amazon returns centers. According to Kohl’s, 80% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of one of its stores.

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How Better Inventory Visibility Makes Customers Happy and Boosts the Bottom Line

Article from multichannelmerchant.com

By Chris Anton

Rising consumer expectations for order speed and accuracy continue to compel ecommerce fulfillment centers to achieve greater order efficiency. Although smoother fulfillment powers more seamless delivery, on its own it’s not enough to satisfy consumers.

Today’s shopper wants visibility into the entire order fulfillment process – from accurate availability at purchase to tracking information during shipment. Fulfillment visibility is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-to-compete in ecommerce and improve your bottom line.

Consider these ways increased inventory visibility improves customer satisfaction and company revenue:

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Understanding the 2019 USPS Shipping Rate Changes

By Christopher Vaughn- www.parcelindustry.com

As they do every year, USPS and all the major shipping carriers have rolled out rate increases and process changes for 2019. But in the case of USPS, this year’s changes are more aggressive than in previous years due to two major factors:

  • The overall magnitude of the rate increases, which is larger than prior years
  • The scope of process changes, which include a major expansion of dimensional pricing, and a move to zone-based pricing for First-Class Package Service (FCPS).

ShippingEasy’s E-commerce Seller’s Guide to Shipping Rate Changes analyzes the annual changes using the anonymized shipping data that flows through our software. Based on this analysis, below is a review of the USPS changes, their impact on shipping costs, and how sellers can mitigate that impact.

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