Understanding the 2019 USPS Shipping Rate Changes

By Christopher Vaughn- www.parcelindustry.com

As they do every year, USPS and all the major shipping carriers have rolled out rate increases and process changes for 2019. But in the case of USPS, this year’s changes are more aggressive than in previous years due to two major factors:

  • The overall magnitude of the rate increases, which is larger than prior years
  • The scope of process changes, which include a major expansion of dimensional pricing, and a move to zone-based pricing for First-Class Package Service (FCPS).

ShippingEasy’s E-commerce Seller’s Guide to Shipping Rate Changes analyzes the annual changes using the anonymized shipping data that flows through our software. Based on this analysis, below is a review of the USPS changes, their impact on shipping costs, and how sellers can mitigate that impact.

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