2017 Holiday Outlook: Key findings- published by pwc.com

1. Make it easy on me >
From product discovery to payment to shipping, consumers are in the driver’s seat

2. At the holidays and all year, a community of commerce >
The store morphs into a more contemporary version of its former self

3. Holiday habits uncover generational preferences >
Young consumers enjoy travel; older consumers like dining out

4. Young Gen Z consumers forge their own path >
Visual social networks dominate product discovery

5. Generous millennial dads put family first >
Early tech adopters lead shopping via smart home devices

6. Home for the holidays . . . or maybe not >
Whether to grandma’s or a winter vacation

7. Alexa, where’s my stuff? >
More distribution centers closer to population centers mean fewer last-mile snags

8. Goodbye traditional advertising, hello influencers >
Consumers want the unvarnished truth from their peers




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